How to compile a c++ program

28 Mar 2021 - Dan Petrow

After learning python learning a compiled language like C++ seemed both intimidating and unneeded. However the more I’ve learned about programming the more value I can see in removing as much abstraction as possible and getting closer to machine code. I found a C++ program that I wanted to use but I didn’t find much in the way of documentation for how to compile the code into a usable program for Windows. Here is what I learned about how to compile some C++ code into an exe for Windows.

First you will want to install the Chocolately package manage if you don’t already have it. Here you can find the documentation for that., I believe you can simply install NodeJS which will install Chocolatey.)

Next you will want to open up the command line and use Chocolatey to install MinGW-w64. $ choco install mingw

While still in the command line open up the directory with your .cpp file.

$ cd ‘C:/Users/Dan/Desktop/Code’

Now enter the following command to compile the source file using g++.

$ g++ -o code.cpp

Voila you have compiled an exe from some code written in C++.