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Dan Petrow . com

Hey, my name is Dan Petrow. Welcome to my home on the web.

This page, like myself is always changing. Originally, I made this website to explore search engine optimization, web design, and traffic generation. Now I use this site as a journal to document everything on my mission to launch a successful startup, master different skills and hobbies, and be a good husband to my wife through her Air Force training.

Back in high school I learned HTML and CSS and have been a web developer ever since.

After I created this website it lead me to create others like
Enid Tech Club and Dapps Agency.

Some other work that I do includes audio and video production, seo, copy writing, and all things digital marketing.

I’m Dan Petrow, a guy from the Chicago suburbs. I moved to Enid, Oklahoma with my wife in July 2017 and lived there for a year. Now we are living in Little Rock, Arkansas with our two dogs in a school bus we converted into an RV.

I recently left my job as a product designer in Enid, Oklahoma where I made designs of tools used to manufacture farm equipment.

Dan Petrow around the web

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You can get product updates here.

Check out the Blog where I provide updates and provocative ideas every Sunday. Topics are broad and there is something for everyone.

Feel free to message me on Linkedin. I have been taking a break from posting much there but I check my profile regularly

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or someone just overly curious I highly recommend you check out the resources page

If you like pictures as much as I do go ahead and take a look over at Dan Petrow Media. Here are some samples of what you might find there.