Dan Petrow

Hey, my name is Dan Petrow.

I’m a guy from the Chicago suburbs. I just moved to Enid, Oklahoma with my wife. I went to Illinois State University from 2011 until 2015 and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in entrepreneurship.

Currently, I work as a product designer. Some other work that I do includes audio, web design, seo, and copy writing. I am developing my business at the moment.

I have interviewed a decent number of people this year, I want to keep doing that but for a purpose. More importantly I want to interview people for my own purpose. I feel very strong that purpose should be to support military spouses who are unemployed and underemployed.

Spousework, a startup by Dan Petrow

I recently became a military spouse. Being a military spouse I began reading all of the literature out there about how it has affected the lives of others in the same position.

One thing that I found out about military spouses is that our unemployment rate is three times higher than that of the general public. This stood out to me immediately as a problem worth solving.

Another interesting fact that I have seen mentioned is that military spouses are more likely to be underpaid. I am connecting all of the dots and I now realized that the traditional business world is not very military spouse friendly.

In my own experience I have seen the benefits of remote work and I immediately thought that creating a platform exclusively for military spouses to find remote jobs could be a pretty viable solution to these two problems.

Spousework, Next Steps.

I am currently attempting to validate Spousework. Will military spouses be interested in working remotely? Do job creators feel that providing military spouses with remote work is beneficial for them? Meanwhile, I am interviewing people and planning my next steps.

I have talked to a few business owners who are receptive to the idea of providing military spouses with remote and flexible jobs. These business owners have validated my idea somewhat from their side. One business owner that I spoke with is actually already working actively on creating a different solution for military spouse employment.

Furthermore, I recently began working with a retired Airforce pilot. He has helped me make personal connections in my new community. Thanks to him I have found multiple business owners that are interested in employing military spouses.

Next, I am taking action and connecting with military spouses on a large scale. For this reason I really would like to talk to you if you are a military spouse.  Please email me at dan@spousework.online