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Are you doing what you dream of doing?
You’re making a lot of money and as far as I can tell that is one of your biggest dreams. How does tht feel?
Is the money worth the sacrifice?
Do you want to do this everyday until you’re Dad’s age or do you want to take a shot at something else?
Do you like who you work with?
Are you exited about what you’re learning?
When you’re searching on the internet what are you reading about right now?

Its interesting; I recently was searching Terry Crews and then Tim Ferriss released an episode with him.

Shipping container aquaponics farm where kids can work for tuition to community college

Game B vs. Game A; Bret Weinstein on the Joe Rogan Experience

Functional necklaces

Send Namecheap a photo ID
make Nikon thing
Call Doug
puffy Jacket
Antirent seeking
community college w free tuition in exchange for work
shipping container aqua farm for urban education
fix computer
make wine

Google maps API, random interesting day trip generator
collect info to build better recommendations
solid network effects.

conway corp
ponca city witchita


planter drone w pic

shipping container aquaponics farm pic

grill/ firepit configuration

Mccallister, Oklahoma. Moonshine.

Horizon State; Democracy on the blockchain. Politics on the blockchain horizon state token. The goal of democracy should be to giver every voice a vote.

Lighthouse blog theme
how to implement blog. prefix
how to implement multiple themes across pages on a single domain

sheetsu API

Tech co-op
Farm Co-op

make camera tripod lock

Hemp Plastic

seed invest

grill/firepit drawing

make a grate for firepit

tumblr/instagram on the ethereum network

Update Jan/7/2018

Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain will increase social capital by improving online collaboration, trust in online communities, and transparency.

Buy Adobe Stock

Bid to landscape Las Vegas Convention Center District project.



Spurious correlations on ethereum

persistent growth

persistent grower

How will Mark Zuckerberg fix Facebook in 2018?

Kristy Kruger Mobile Vet.

Austin’s grandpa owns pawnshop TC on Owen K.


War. World War Two shaped food and agriculture allowed it to thrive. There has been a decline. Now the government is subsidizing farming again. Is there government speculation that there will be increased war and famine in the coming years? What is the reason for the tax break on farmers?

Ask for deadlines

Ray Dalio – James Altucher
Polymath – Tim Ferriss

Don’t let unexpected expenses upset you

let yourself be bored

keep standing one hour on one hour off method.


The most interesting things right now to me are material engineering, chemistry history, energy efficiency manual, research.

Things to know about writing in solidity on the Ethereum blockchain.
First, declare pragma solidity^ verision
Next, the basic container of code is called a contract.
Variables are declared with uint _var
A struct[] is used for variables with multiple properties.
string for variables with characters
declare a contract public or private
function declaration
ethereum for ai
uint is declaring a typecast
uint will run a function
name or store _name _store declare variable
(keccak256()); will generate a random integer

PSE Archery

Look into injection molding

Kansas city castings

Oklahoma Plastics

forget your shortcomings and remember your successes

How can you incentivize lawyers to operate efficiently as opposed to the system that currently exists?


Stormpath API + Twilio for marketing + Sendgrid


Verium Vericoin scaling crypto

I'm going to change the world the things that on my mind.

One man can change the world - Big Sean

Asana API for assigning repetitive tasks to team members.

Cost of wasted steel vs. cost of labor differential
Time/piece on saw vs. time/piece on plasma

State spending per capita vs most moved out of state vs public approval

Only read PDFs saved to flashdrive

Biodiesel airplane.

bioplastics for rapid prototyping at home

Write for Wikipedia

Wikipedia for SEO

Pi controls light pump temp

Bioplastic production @ Wako

Write javascript in a wordpress post or using a compiler.

Does Mark know Javascript?

48 Laws of Power
reputation is everything, guard it with your life.

Run a free experiment Mixergy promo, Alphahq.com

Contact@mixergy.com Andrew Warner

Collard Green Tacos

The power came when I got a camera in my hands.

Edit startup film.

Film topics people that feel the pull to be entrepreneurial but have student loan debt, what is your plan?
College and highschool students that want to be entrepreneurs what hurdles are you seeing?

AR safety googles for training

growing meat in a lab will turn into growing meat at home

growing mushrooms genetically modified to contain more proteins.

"fear of mistake or failure almost guarantees that outcome" Chess champion Gary Kasparov rise of AI

living independently

James Altucher's cousin A.J. Jacobs picks 10 books and flips through them.

Thing Explainer - Good Book

AJ Jacobs - How is Trump related to ISIS, Putin, Kim Jong?

A network of mediators to settle divorces could expedite the process.

For plasma cutter rapid plate changer plate loader

LED strips that fit into old school halogen fixtures.

Solidworks sheet metal base/flange/tab is similar to a thin feature

Gauge table allows you to set thicknesses and bend tolerance and what not.

What is an auto relief edge flange - drag for added material super handy

Modular plasma cutter

DIY plasma cutter

Lathe capabilities 36"


Short faced bear

Average price of electricity vs price of different cryptos


Queue Technologies
edison nation
inventors digest
fulcrum or fulcru

Blockchain ledger for trading rare beer, wine, and spirits.


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