How To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

How To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

The Easy Way How To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

If you are wondering whether or not you should start a blog I’m going to tell you that you should. Not only am I going to tell you that you should, I am going to tell you the easy way how to do it. The easy way how to start a self-hosted wordpress blog.

  1. Go to
    • is my preferred dns and hosting platform. They are really affordable, have great customer service, and are easy to use.
  2. Purchase a domain with hosting
  3. Log into cpanel
    • you will get a cpanel username and password when you sign up for shared hosting.
  4. Go to Softlicious
    • Once you are logged into cpanel you can scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and you will see softlicious apps
  5. Install WordPress
    • WordPress is the best CMS in my personal opinion. If down the road you want to pivot your blog into an ecommerce site wordpress has you covered.
  6. Install plugins
    • Check out this article that I wrote. It details exactly what you plugins you ought to install off the bat.
  7. Blog about your expertise and experience
    • This how to article is as much for me as for you. I always struggled trying to build a website for various reasons. One, that I didn’t know how make a self hosted site with wordpress. Blog about whatever you actually like and build an audience.

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