Day: April 3, 2019

Starting Over

Starting Over

Starting over the blog, this time with purpose.

When I made this website I wanted to own the Google search results for my name. I am happy to say that I accomplished my goal of owning my search results.

Recently, I have considered why I have this blog other than to own my search results. I think my main reason for keeping this blog is to put myself out there online.

Why would I want to put myself out there online? When my name gets searched, I want returned an insightful piece about me. I hope the result reveals what I do, what I’m up to.

If people searching me know what I do and what I’m up to they could possibly help. I could possibly make a connection I wouldn’t have otherwise. I might even be able to use my experience to help them.

The reason for this post is really clarifying for myself why I am writing this. Now that I have asked myself why five times I feel pretty strong that I should be sharing updates of what I am currently doing and what obstacles I’m facing. These updates will definitely be a form of goal setting and used for accountability.

I think that I should also be sharing pictures, videos and text about who I am and generally what I am doing that is interesting in my life. This all sounds very obvious but I think it is helpful.

Now that I have clarified my goals for posting I can pretty easily template my future post. Generally, my posts should fall into one of the following categories; First, what am I about? Second, what am I doing today? Third, what am I doing this week.

What am I about?

Here is an introduction to my life for those not familiar, I am a married guy who has been travelling with my wife Jen for Air Force Pilot training. I have been keeping busy as a stay at home husband for the last year because of our travelling but I’m not cut out for that lifestyle.

Impatiently, I’m waiting to end our scheduled travels and put some roots down in Manchester, Connecticut. I will begin work at Turtle Ledge Farms, Hampton, Connecticut within the next week or two and I will also begin looking for a second job to bring in extra money for the house Jen and I are in the process of buying.

What am I up to today?

Today, I haven’t got a lot accomplished. Jen woke up late to work and rushed out with the car so didn’t make it to the laundromat. However, the laundry will be dropped off when I get back to the bus. Then I will hit the gym where I will run for an hour. I will enjoy riding the motorcycle home.

What am I up to this week?

I am going to say goodbye to Arkansas. I’ve had a pretty good time in Arkansas over the last seven months but I’m ready to go. I’ll be stopping back in Illinois for my little brother’s birthday. Then I’m buying a new vehicle. After that I’ll be shoving off for Hampton, Connecticut. Once I get there I will be setting up camp. Finally, I’ll start work at the farm and look for a second job near Manchester.

To you reading this, if know someone hiring near Manchester, let me know how to apply!