Month: January 2018

How to found a startup on lunch. Notebook 2

How to found a startup on lunch. Notebook 2

Well, today is a light day as I don’t have much to say.

I dedicated all my brain power to the day job this morning.

Entrepreneur in training.

I like socials in the footer.

I bought Guy is a kid I went to school with that has a large social media following and plays videogames on for a living.

I want to make into a funnel to teach people how to live stream as I suspect his audience would be interested. I would monetize by running an affiliate link to .

That should be very easy to do considering all I need is to set up a landing page and run ads to push traffic.

I saw that he gets 10-50k searches for shortyyguy on google every month.

Greg is telling me about homemade hydrogen to run a truck. HHO. Windmill powering HHO system to create hydrogen for heat.

How I grew my site’s users from zero to 150 in one week of live streaming.

I’m going to look for tools for landing page creation.

I’m going to look for wireframe tools.

Dickens Process.

Volunteer opportunities still interseted in loaves and fishes.

Who is my audience?

Live streaming at lunch got my website to rank on the front page of google in one week.

Start a website for people transitioning out of jail and prison with links to the best most helpful resources. Make it an app rather.

Why agriculture will be disrupted. Why the current agricultural economy will inevitably be disrupted.

As the cost of labor to produce food moves closer to zero it makes more sense to buy in to own the means of production than to spend a significant amount of money on a recurring basis. As outputs and inputs become more predictable and less labor intensive the system leaves less room for margins.

Middle men will be removed from agriculture.

Affiliates are warm leads, media buying gets you cold leads.

Entrepreneur in Training, Cat something. Prison Entrepreneurship.

I like socials in the footer.

I bought so that I can make money off of someone else’s reputation.

How I grew my user base from zero to 150 in one week with live streaming.

The mushroom and the cross.

The deadsea scrolls and the christian myth.

The Kumron Scrolls.

Wayne, The price of wheat hasn’t gone up since the 70’s used to farm 100s of acres to make profit now need to farm 1000’s.

X ways to lower your expense.

How to invest your new found income.

How to invest your savings.

Fact checking things my coworkers say.

How to start a church a church for 500.

Schenszen China, Silicon valley of china

Devita davidson – food activist.

Is this the best use of your time?

Did you take advantage of opportunities?

Are you happy?

Would you be happier if you had more time/ freedom/ energy?

What would you do differently if you were 25 again?

My top recommendations must have skoolie products.

Posted to

1. Manufactured double insulated wood burning stove.
2. Solar panels.
3. Good grill maybe manufactured.
4. Washer/ dryer stacking.
5. fishing poles.
6. windmill kit. possibly with hemp fiber plastic.

What is my purpose?

How close to my mental capacity am I today?

According to Rex it will get colder until 2032.

I want to be an expert at manufacturing.

Social Engineer WAKO.

Historically, agriculture work has declined, eventually it will reach practically zero.

The closer to zero the more sense it makes to own the means of production.

This is the way that markets look in the long term. Except the market for innovation.

How to turn daily notes into multiple blog posts.

Make sure to structure your notes. Use key phrases such as; how to, why, ect. Also you can use symbols like -,?.

Put yourself into a team & contribute.

Future boss is a self made business owner that was in an employee position previously if not recently.

How to make money with your hobby.

Where you can go to get user feedback/ make sales/ talk to people. Ideally without getting kicked out.

Chinese food crisis will be a huge impact on the global economy.

China is buying India and African farm land but their agricultural output is limited by antiquated techniques.

Preachers don’t pay property taxes.

If I ever build a software tool it will collect a lot of data.

What am I working towards personally? Paid off debt. land. years of expenses saved. off grid capabilities.

CNC Machinist expect to expereience 15% growth.

I like % as a symbol to sort.

Traffic and Conversion.

Conferences within a radius.

What are the 5 pillars of Islam?

As the cost of labor moves closer to zero it makes more sense to buy into own the means of production than spend significant amounts to barely provide for yourself.

Which cultures fit in where?

Which society would you most like to occupy?

Definite | Indefinite


How to not be unemployed.

In Little Rock a part time job might be best.

What am I producing?

I’m going to look for tools for landing page creation.

I’m going to look for wirefram tools.

Dickens Process.

Volunteer opportunities. Still interested in Loaves and Fishes.

Who is my Audience?

How Live Steaming on Youtube got my website to the front page of Google in two weeks.

Start a website for people transitioning out of jail/prison with links to resources. Better yet make it an app.

Why agriculture will be disrupted.

Mind of a wantrepreneur.

Picture in picture for youtube. Why not push 2x the watch time with auto play and recommendations + picture in picture?

Send farms logo dxf or swprt files via email with a link to order signs.

If they want they can bring it to a local shop.

Macro for illustrator. Trace path.

Macro for solidworks. Import .dfx.

learn to livestream for your business from twitch live streamers like shortyyguy.

Monkeys with money.

A buried treasure story.

Merchandising across locations with macros for solidworks and adobe illustrator.

Social Plastic. Token or coin or something from TED talk.

Land page for wako to sell custom signs& grow an email list.

Twitch developer is kind of better than youtube in my opinion.

Tool that lets you host youtube live stream inline.

Why twitch is the best platform for streaming to grow your business.

1. Little Competition on Platform.
2.Less noise than facebook.
3.Great Developer SDK.

danpetrow.anything use webserver to send cold emails to avoid complaints. or use mailchimp.

Grab 100 farm logos and emails. use the macros to automate marketing to them.

Email scraper. Write email script. test w/ mailchimp. alternatively use facebook messenger and facebook research tools.

polls don’t work

Public data helped Michael Dell build. How can I use public data for business? What data about farmers is public? What data about my audience is public?

Create a creative commons playlist for stream.

I would like to offer services for PAC. How do I offer business services for PAC?
They might be trash. Very likely trash.

The Human Garage.

Mezencheimal Stem cells.


Tired from input/tired at work Thinking about big ideas. Thinking about bus ideas.

Problem, When I have time I have no motivation to pursue ideas. When I have no time I feel the drive to pursue.

How to pick and pursue ideas that provide social feedback and generate at least SOCIAL capital.

Tig is choice of weld styles.

Secondly Stick Welding.

Lastly Mig Welding.

old dominion pallet pricing > 48″ ^3 Density matters.

Glasses with rear pinhole camera and HUD.

Facebook business manager.

When I have employees I will have an anonymous tip collector. New ideas will be the foundation of our business.

Hackers and Painters –

Will my ad outplace a featured snippet?

DIY great keyword prefix.

Diyers need tools and supplies.

How to found a startup on your lunch break.

How to found a startup on your lunch break.

How to found a starup on your lunch break

I keep a notepad in my pocket everyday where I write down ideas. Here are my ideas from this past week about startups, technology, and everything else.

There are a lot of ideas and I might not be able to type them all in 30 minutes but lets give it a shot.

I like agriculture, large bail of grain plus worms and water make compost.

Vegging wattage is 50% lower than flowering or growth.

Many of my ideas are sort of contextual but I hope that you will be able to follow along or they at least make you think.

German economics apprenticeship model not only for traditional trades.

105 Billion, Jeff Bezos 5th largest land owner.

Check on consumable prices.

Write a script tht automatically guides me through the steps to digitize a part. I work in 3d design this pertains to work.

Business analytics and metrics.


We can live wherever I want but Jen needs to work or be discharged. Alternatively I can work remotely.

How to build a solidworks plugin.

I drew a couple of pictures here in my notes.

File a provisional patent

Who has connections to farm equipment distributors?

Chatbot newsletter for XXX as a tool to engage past customers and gain repeat buyers.


Floyd is into cars.

Life and the economy are just the stories we tell each other.

Why aren’t large spring steel plates common? Spring steel vs. Carbon Steel.

Reverse API (which I found out would be referred to as a webhook) Excel to web. How can you retrieve data from excel to build your own api? Build an app for everything you do on your phone and monetize it for like 5 cents a month.

How to create a database that retrives new data automatically to feed an api.

How to use your company’s data, build an API.

Stream idea, setting up my home aquaponics system.

Hydro mean water

Ponics means labor or work

Vanity phone numbers, vanity web domains, vanity ethereum tokens.

Barter token, Bank token, Manufacturing token, tree token, fish token, amazon token.

Mogul by Gimlet.

How to make your own token.

Food Token, home token, happiness token.

actually eating.

Breaking the time barrier freshbooks – tim ferriss

Note taking system.

Document called quotes

Document that filters quotes down into subjects.

That document turns into books.

Tag things for future parsing.

Scrivner vs. Word debate.

How could Wako use an API?

Round Rock auto has nice rebuilt trucks.

CES what is Huawei?

Tyson is dropshipping. What is Tyson dropshipping. What does Tyson know about that and running Facebook ads.

Some number of pages per day means success to me.

Mcwilly Co-op.

I don’t respect people that stew on their anger and hold a grudge.

Uber for private planes.

Aviator’s Wing.

Cornerstone content should be 4-5 pages that you want someone to see when they are on your site.

Westegg inflation calculator.

Google Calendar and Youtube API. Twitch Tv API

How to add a youtube subscription button to your website. for altcoins. Paper mulch from shredding companies.

Wind breaks.

East to west planting vs. north to south planting and sunlight per day.

1, 2, 3, 4th planting.

200′ by 120′(half acre) long row planting.

Water supply once planted outdoors is complex but big ponds with pumps or big collectors for rain with a pump are effective. Drainage is an even bigger issue.

What I don’t talk about is equally as important as what I do.

How I brought my farm equipment manufacturing company onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain for standard operating procedures.

Nonprofit with an ICO.

Right now there are about 22k ethereum tokens.

Oklahoma token, Illinois token, Basic Attention token (for digital ads).

That’s lunch, be back tomorrow. It looks like I messed up the stream but that is a valuable lesson I suppose.

Tune in next time to see me fail more.

Alright, picking up back where I left off at lunch.

What does a token for a non profit look like?

What makes a productive office space?

Treadmill desk, three monitors, knowledge hoarders are more productive with extra monitors.

Wireless headset. Book weight. I have plenty of those that go across a book to hold it open. Office is detached.

Low carbohydrate diet is for high performers.

-Why we get fat, Gary Tobbs

Every home should have a secret place. People sleep facing east. different height ceilings are appealing.

Light on two sides.

-A pattern language.

Home office.

Ask yourself, what is it that I can do that no one else can?

Novelty and challenge make for a happy worker.

Open source

Make a manifesto. I think that is exactly what I am going for but the term manifesto has a pretty bad rap.

Research what people who have the skills you want say about the topic of their skill.

I would like to reread The Golden Compass.

A lot of people who are disappointed lack accountability.

4 tendencies framework.

-Better than before

upholders meet outer and inner expectations
questioners question all turn to inner logic
obligers meet outer expectations well but fail to meet inner expectations
rebels resist inner and outer expectations and do whatever they want

How you react to outer and inner expectations, Gretchen Rubencomaviz.

How to find search volume on a specific domain;, or Alexa

How to find search volume for a given keyword; Google Keyword Planner. for managing team tasks.


Louvers forming tools
Organic Computing.

“-In praise of shadows”
-Tim Ferriss

Best try this at home, 18 for 2018.

Email friends boring things every week to increase connection.

Blaise Pascal.

How to sell a website.

Local search volume data.

growing season. last frost to first hard frost. April to October generally. Many herbs flower as nights get longer.

Vegging 18 hours on

Mushroom vegging 6500k blue light.

Perennial gardening in Oklahoma.

Content for farmers in Enid and especially small farmers.

Content for anyone near Enid with an interest in tech and especially green tech that could create value to you.

Reddit API/Post functions.

Webhooks enable API platforms to push data.

How to become a ______.

How to write a blog.

How to pick tags for your blog posts, pages, and youtube events.

Here are my favorite 13:
Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Product Design, Industrial Design, Research, Data Science, Manufacturing, Startups, Business, Enid Oklahoma, Local

Enid wordpress group

Garfield county bitcoin group

Enid Oklahoma bitcoin startup

Enid Oklahoma ethereum startup.

Goal to make enough side money to buy a web cam. Shoot for the stars folks.

What is my next project at Wako after digitizing the master parts list? What is my next project at Wako after finishing making diyes?

I would like to block chrome at work some times.

Business model, take recycled inputs as a subsidy from organizations that would like the end product. Free product with a points and badges system.

OGE Coin and 2nd movers.

Automation processes.

Rhode Island has free community college for just living in state. They are the fourth state with such a program.

Rhode Island Governor is a good lady apparently.

Write a program that takes Mas90 data to calculate savings on plasma produced parts.

Jen is reading about Dog training and I am reading -From Zero to One by Peter Thiel.

Build a farm on the blockchain, build a greenhouse on the blockchain. Democratize food!

Make a PC cabinet to be framed in the tiny house.

Get a bank account with the local credit union, apply for membership into the SBDC.

I need something to look forward to so I am planning more Youtube Live Events and would like to plan some meetups as well.

Need to propagate a calendar with things to do especially for the next couple of weekends.

Schedule an appointment with the Enid Public Library for the makerspace.

Take a chance take a risk they think its make believe so they hate the shit.

“Mac Miller”


What is an ethereum node? How can you setup an Ethereum node?

Using the blockchain as a method to more easily maintain production capacity and do on the job training.

There was a documentary about living in central america and the village people operated a money pool that they dispersed to one another which helped them make large purchases that they might not have otherwise had the opportunity to do because saving was hard for them.

Riley Jantzen
Felt Bird
Enid Farmers Market

I have a vested interest in my customers doing will and continuing to use my product.

Shipping cointainer farm/ hoophouse and I drew a picture. final dimensions of two containers would be around 40′ by 8’5″ by 16 with little to no work other than a demo and a weld.

sawmill for rent near stillwater

how to hack wifi to create a botnet.

What is a botnet?

Points and Badges is pretty expensive for hosting but might be worth it for the deal with the adwords and stuff.

Hey welcome to lunch!

Today I am beginning to experiment with running linkedin ads to attract some traffic.

Lunch today is shrimp and pasta.

Hubspot API + eventbrite plugin.

Hubspot for lead gen.

Search term modifier. Near me.

The man who loved china
-steven winchester
“the rich history of china as an entrepreneurial country.

How to send mass texts automatically.

Why am I blogging? I think that writing down your ideas is the best way to plan a startup. many reasons.

target potential land owners and future land owners based on their use of zillow.

Target people into tiny homes and schoolies ec. to find people with an interest in sustainability and a disposable income.

How to check a sites domain authority ranking. What is domain authority ranking?

I’m not only talking (or writing I guess) about how to build a startup but also how I create value at my day job as a product designer.

Promote my post on linkedin for a half hour? is that possible? It is possible to run an ad on google for a half hour.

How to optimize and automate the productivity of my farm with technology.

How to start backyard farm with just half an acre and a few thousand dollars. Contact Wako LLC today for a free consultation.

Feed your family with your own half acre.

Invest in food. “teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.”

How I spent 50 linkedin credits to gain x youtube subscribers on my lunch break.

lunchtime farming talk. Benefits of hoophouse farming. Target oklahoma property owners. Oklahoma folk search for feeds. Contact Wako LLC for a farm growth consultation.

setup facebook pixel. setup google analytics events. setup linkedin tracker.

how to grow and foster a digital community.

How much food can a 20 x 50 hoop house produce?

Wood drill press.

Wood planter.

How to hack a router with command line.

Is there an api that can scrape my post for key symbols and export the results categorically?

employers with many employees vs. employees with many employers. That’s all for now haha. -Dan-

Building a startup in the Midwest – how do you scale company culture – Andrew Warner

Jason Lumpkins “skip a round” Sasster,cin

Barring something catastrophic I will be rich as long as I never give up.

People might think Oklahoma is kind of backwards/ southern bumpkin but the people are honestly insightful and thoughtful more so than most city/chicago people open minded.

blue tooth cube converter for wired headphones.

Check out skill share as an affiliate/teacher

Cold email with a custom 3d printable file

Camera MX for Gifs

One strategu for becoming a prolific writer.

We can go through it or we can go through it together.

do not google random websites at work porn will eventually pop up.

Promote on

Omnichannel marketing automation. Marketo Hubspot. Emarsys.

Why use a website othere than twitch as a viewer and as a streamer.

Come up with adwords targeting strategies for business live streamers.

Make a good website/landing page for guy to do ads to reank for shortyyguy watch what happens live on stream to capture his reaction.

email/ facebook message to friends and fam “when is your lunch break?”

What I learned about live streaming from my college collegue shortyyguy


the value of your own website as a platform.

Configure a goal flow for dp to the youtube sub button.

Turn on linked in ads while on lunch. didn’t really work.

Test facebook and youtube ads. youtube is practically set up at this point.

predictable revenue – Ross Aaron or Erin

Hey if you’re on lunch com join my livestream I’m attempting to found a startup on my lunch break.

Right now I’m writing a blog post, come join me.

Make your own lane – Eddie Huang

Automate marketing for a live stream.

Weekly live stream on lunch at work makes Monday something to look forward to.

It is something other people could do too.

Why on lunch? Everyone is on lunch at about noon and they are looking for something to entertain them while they eat. I can also expect to hold myself to this schedule because I know where I will be.

Marketing share on linkedin.

Must be 2 types of people that utilie token.
1. people that get food
2. people that don’t but can profit from the token as the company grows
a token that does number two would be like a bond and must be held for a certain amount of time before it can be sold or converted to token type 1.

Potential investors:Tyson, Steve, Austin, Caden

How to found a startup on your lunchbreak.

A 100% sustainable farm coop built on the blockchain which allows us to run with our stake holders as decision makers.

The blockchain and sustainability and automation.

Blockchain could revolutionize how we view sustainability.

Engagement with the economy and with the decisions that pertain to the economy.

Cheap divorce protocall. All assets go to a corporation with 50% stakes. Couple has no assets but they are later divided up through the company.

Stores like don’t even know what they actually have in inventory in many cases. Also grocers don’t know.

Blockchain as a means of small/locl biz to display higher quality products.

p2p decentralized exchanges.

Crypto amazon maintained outsid eof fiat.

binary chain wallet.

Thanks, see you tomorrow!…

Whats up folks? gotta make some calls to the diesel mechanics to see if they work on buses brb.

It is really hard to find a mechanic to work on buses.

Sponsored twitter ads for relevant trending hashtags

Generating a tool library for a CNC

Tell em what youre going to tell em

tell em

tell em what you told em.

Lobby Senior living communities to get votes and win a local election.

How many of you are worried about where we are headed?

How to write a macro for Solidworks.

Visual Basic basics.

info product design for audience vs. info product design for a business professional streaming audience.

Do you want to learn how to grow your business with live streaming? In just 30 minutes a day? Join me on skillshare.

FUD fear uncertainty doubt.

CEOs Leaders vs. managers.

Setup facebook google analytics, linkedin pixel hubspot

How to grow and foster a digital community.

How I spent 50 linkedin ad credits to gain x youtube subs on my lunch break

lunchtime farming talk. benefits of hoophouse farming target oklahoma property owners. Oklahoma folk searching for feed. contact wako for a farm output consultation.

I’m not only talking about my startup but how I am creating value at my day job.

Promote my post on linked in for a half hour? hardly if at all possible.

How to optimize the productivity of my farm with technology.

How to start a backyard farm with just a half acre and a few thousand dollars to feed your family forever. contact wakollc today for a consultation.

Feed your family with just a half acre.

Invest in food.

Teach a man to fish and they will never go hungry.

Hubspot API + Eventbrite

Hubspot for lead gen

search term modifier…near me

The man who loved china — steven winchester.

How to send a mass text.

see ya next time.


I bought a school bus for travelling to and fro. I am really excited about it and I will post some pictures soon. I think it could be a great marketing tool also.

I have a bunch of notes that I feel like I already wrote but I will give it another go and hopefully I will find where I left off.

Hubspot API + event brite

Hubspot for lead gen

Search term modifier … near me

The man who loved china – steven winchester.

How to send mass text. text marks texedly bulksms

target potential land owners/ home goods buyers based on zillow use

Target people that are into tiny homes ect to find people with an interest in sustainability as well as disposable income.

How to check a sites domain authority.

Gretchen Ruben

World Domination SUmmit

Farmers Public Market OKC 9am-2pm on saturdays

Promotion that occurs at checkout on Amazon.

sponsored post
Amazon marketing service

America shaped credit car wallet tool.

What do I notice companies on mixergy ect. have in common?

Software for google/twitch streamers

When times get tough clean toliets/ flip burgers tcb

Mezenchiemel stem cells in Panama

solidworks fastening feature.

Booze delivery service open in a couple states currently. braintree payments. how to buy ads.

How to build a facebook chatbot

When manufacturing threaded holes use the tap drill sizes chart.

SW VBA Macros

Offset entities and power trimming for good looking text cut outs.

Screen share vs screen share + webcam

Automated update of live stream on my hosted page.

Automated posting to facebook groups

Automated posts to reddit

Would you like to learn how to live stream in just 30 minutes a day?

login with facebook/google

Want to learn how to make money live streaming?

Automated update of Youtube live event tags and descriptions and titles.

How to grow a live stream audience in 30 minutes a day.

Would you say you are open to new ideas?

I’m having imposter syndrome at work because I am not the most careful or precise person.

Bought a diesel international bus.

After 11 seconds of live streaming you can turn on adwords ads.

Target people that use side hustle school

201 mission stree 12th floor Andrew Warner address.

Aquaponics Review

Keyword modifier…Review

Physical products compliment digital products and vice versa.

Stages of human development.
-in over our heads.

-The self authored mind

Seven ways to use drone mapping on the farm this season

Does Wako have a mailing list?

Nintendo Labo kits are the most badass gaming tech I have seen recently and they are really accessable

Get a drone license for 150 get a drone for 2k

Hang gliding weirdly came up in my life twice in one day.

I wrote down every potentially valuable piece of information and filled a note book then I live streamed about blogging what I wrote and I blew up my traffic.

Thats it I finished a whole pocket notebook.

I have another one that I just started on today and I think I will start a new post to hold those notes.

Peace out!



Are you doing what you dream of doing?
You’re making a lot of money and as far as I can tell that is one of your biggest dreams. How does tht feel?
Is the money worth the sacrifice?
Do you want to do this everyday until you’re Dad’s age or do you want to take a shot at something else?
Do you like who you work with?
Are you exited about what you’re learning?
When you’re searching on the internet what are you reading about right now?

Its interesting; I recently was searching Terry Crews and then Tim Ferriss released an episode with him.

Shipping container aquaponics farm where kids can work for tuition to community college

Game B vs. Game A; Bret Weinstein on the Joe Rogan Experience

Functional necklaces

Send Namecheap a photo ID
make Nikon thing
Call Doug
puffy Jacket
Antirent seeking
community college w free tuition in exchange for work
shipping container aqua farm for urban education
fix computer
make wine

Google maps API, random interesting day trip generator
collect info to build better recommendations
solid network effects.

conway corp
ponca city witchita


planter drone w pic

shipping container aquaponics farm pic

grill/ firepit configuration

Mccallister, Oklahoma. Moonshine.

Horizon State; Democracy on the blockchain. Politics on the blockchain horizon state token. The goal of democracy should be to giver every voice a vote.

Lighthouse blog theme
how to implement blog. prefix
how to implement multiple themes across pages on a single domain

sheetsu API

Tech co-op
Farm Co-op

make camera tripod lock

Hemp Plastic

seed invest

grill/firepit drawing

make a grate for firepit

tumblr/instagram on the ethereum network

Update Jan/7/2018

Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain will increase social capital by improving online collaboration, trust in online communities, and transparency.

Buy Adobe Stock

Bid to landscape Las Vegas Convention Center District project.



Spurious correlations on ethereum

persistent growth

persistent grower

How will Mark Zuckerberg fix Facebook in 2018?

Kristy Kruger Mobile Vet.

Austin’s grandpa owns pawnshop TC on Owen K.


War. World War Two shaped food and agriculture allowed it to thrive. There has been a decline. Now the government is subsidizing farming again. Is there government speculation that there will be increased war and famine in the coming years? What is the reason for the tax break on farmers?

Ask for deadlines

Ray Dalio – James Altucher
Polymath – Tim Ferriss

Don’t let unexpected expenses upset you

let yourself be bored

keep standing one hour on one hour off method.


The most interesting things right now to me are material engineering, chemistry history, energy efficiency manual, research.

Things to know about writing in solidity on the Ethereum blockchain.
First, declare pragma solidity^ verision
Next, the basic container of code is called a contract.
Variables are declared with uint _var
A struct[] is used for variables with multiple properties.
string for variables with characters
declare a contract public or private
function declaration
ethereum for ai
uint is declaring a typecast
uint will run a function
name or store _name _store declare variable
(keccak256()); will generate a random integer

PSE Archery

Look into injection molding

Kansas city castings

Oklahoma Plastics

forget your shortcomings and remember your successes

How can you incentivize lawyers to operate efficiently as opposed to the system that currently exists?

Stormpath API + Twilio for marketing + Sendgrid


Verium Vericoin scaling crypto

I'm going to change the world the things that on my mind.

One man can change the world - Big Sean

Asana API for assigning repetitive tasks to team members.

Cost of wasted steel vs. cost of labor differential
Time/piece on saw vs. time/piece on plasma

State spending per capita vs most moved out of state vs public approval

Only read PDFs saved to flashdrive

Biodiesel airplane.

bioplastics for rapid prototyping at home

Write for Wikipedia

Wikipedia for SEO

Pi controls light pump temp

Bioplastic production @ Wako

Write javascript in a wordpress post or using a compiler.

Does Mark know Javascript?

48 Laws of Power
reputation is everything, guard it with your life.

Run a free experiment Mixergy promo, Andrew Warner

Collard Green Tacos

The power came when I got a camera in my hands.

Edit startup film.

Film topics people that feel the pull to be entrepreneurial but have student loan debt, what is your plan?
College and highschool students that want to be entrepreneurs what hurdles are you seeing?

AR safety googles for training

growing meat in a lab will turn into growing meat at home

growing mushrooms genetically modified to contain more proteins.

"fear of mistake or failure almost guarantees that outcome" Chess champion Gary Kasparov rise of AI

living independently

James Altucher's cousin A.J. Jacobs picks 10 books and flips through them.

Thing Explainer - Good Book

AJ Jacobs - How is Trump related to ISIS, Putin, Kim Jong?

A network of mediators to settle divorces could expedite the process.

For plasma cutter rapid plate changer plate loader

LED strips that fit into old school halogen fixtures.

Solidworks sheet metal base/flange/tab is similar to a thin feature

Gauge table allows you to set thicknesses and bend tolerance and what not.

What is an auto relief edge flange - drag for added material super handy

Modular plasma cutter

DIY plasma cutter

Lathe capabilities 36"


Short faced bear

Average price of electricity vs price of different cryptos


Queue Technologies
edison nation
inventors digest
fulcrum or fulcru

Blockchain ledger for trading rare beer, wine, and spirits.