Month: September 2017

Urban Farm Business Plan

Urban Farm Business Plan

It is 11:08pm. I can’t sleep because I’m thinking of writing an urban farm business plan.

I keep coming back to the idea that I need to farm. Farming feels like it is calling out to me. I dont want to stsrt just any farm, I want to start an urban farm on other peoples’ property.

I’m rusty and haven’t wrote a business plan for quite a while, but thats okay. I will structure the busines plan later.

Executive summary: The vision is a company that practices sustainable farming methods on donated private land, land which is worked my military spouses. I want to create a company that nourishes the earth, the community, and the team.

Beginning with startup expenses.

  • Seed
  • Fencing
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Cost to enter markets
  • Transportation
  • Packaging
  • Legal filing
  • Tools

Next, SWOT analysis

Third, projected revenues and a bit about various  sales channels.

After, marketing plan.



101 Business Ideas

101 Business Ideas

101 Business Ideas

101 business ideas and how to really get started on making them a reality.

Identifying future opportunities.

One of many future opportunities that I have identified is a software for better matching uber pool users based on their imterests. This will be especially significant as autonomous vehicles and ride sharing to work become the norm.

I would like to start an aquaponics business.

Urban farm.


Auctioneer SEO

Auctioneer SEO

How To Do Auctioneer SEO Quick…

As an auctioneer SEO is probably important to you. If it isn’t it should be. This is how I plan to do Auctioneer SEO.

Top 15 Keywords for Auctioneer SEO

  1. “Auction Time” – 74,000 monthly searches – suggested bid $0.75
  2. “equipment trader” – 27,100 monthly searches – suggested bid $0.62
  3. “ritchie brothers auction” – 27100 monthly searches – suggested bid $0.12
  4. ¬†“liveauctioneers” – 60,500 monthly searches – suggested bid $0.35
  5. “auction house” – 12,100 monthly searches – suggested bid $1.42
  6. “auction” – 110,000 monthly searches – suggested bid $0.51

I know Wiggins just started doing facebook targeting. You can too. Since Wiggins began using facebook targeting, they just had their largest turnout for an auction to date.

Ritchie Brothers is a search term that you can get placement for. I can create a landing page related to why Lippard is better than Ritchie Brothers. That landing page will funnel folks to subscribe to an email list which will be used to make them aware of new auctions.

If we collect emails we can do a live streamed auction.

Wiggins has a youtube account but their content is super generic. They have drone footage which is neat but no one is watching because it is boring. It is drone footage set to an old country song. I would tell a story about the land in the video.

Lippard also has a generic Youtube account with bad optimization.

Auction vision and realty vision

Tactics as of 2015:

  • direct mail
  • Email Blasts through proxybit
  • landsofamerica
  • landflip
  • landwatch
  • pinterest
  • auctionzip
  • facebook
  • mls sites
  • spider tools

Opportunity to automate this process of posting on all of these mediums with zapier.

List of Questions

  • What is the goal of your website? Are you open to redesign?
  • What gets you excited about this business?
  • Where do you see this business in 2020?
  • What are you struggling with most?
  • Why do you want an SEO?
  • What are your expectations for an SEO?
  • What current strategies are working to attract customers and clients.


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