Month: August 2017

Startup In Your Hometown

Startup In Your Hometown

Benefits Of Creating A Startup Your Home Town.

If you are a twenty something and you are creating a startup company I want to stress to you don’t need to relocated to a metropolis. Start that company on your home turf there are some awesome perks to being from a little town. Even though there are certainly some good reasons to move your company there is major power of home field advantage.

Home field advantage and how it applies to startups.

In the past couple of weeks I have started working with a new startup in Enid, Oklahoma. One of the two cofounders has lived here all of his life. There isn’t a bustling startup scene in Enid. There isn’t a super deep talent pool. You could name a million things that Enid doesn’t have that a city does. What you don’t get from a city is the pre-existing social connections that you probably don’t even realize you have in your home town.

Yesterday was really my first day at this startup and at least two amazing things happened that I would have never experienced back in Chicago. First, I made presales for our app in development. Second, I was invited to a young professional group lunch where I got to meet some more

The community in a small town is looking for a win. People who live in work in small towns and are doing adequately well want to pull you up with them.

The most important marketing tactic is arguably word of mouth and word moves in a small town. I made my first sale and was referred immediately to a second sale. When I showed up they were all ready to write a check.



Unbounce For Startups | Landing Pages

Unbounce For Startups | Landing Pages

Landing Pages To Validate Your Business

The hardest part about validating a business is finding a landing pages service that you can afford.

I had two requirements for a landing page builder.

  1. It makes a good looking page.
  2. It has an option that isn’t $100/month.

I did an interview with Chris Dayley from Disruptive Advertising and he mentioned they use Unbounce. After looking around I noticed they have a really well hidden link for startups that want to use their software.

Unbounce, I give you mad props because you understand the value of giving something away for free. You apply to get Unbounce for free for your startup.

If you are a startup test your idea. Find your customer and send them to an Unbounce page. If there is interest in your idea you will know it really quick. If not, you failed fast, move on to the next thing!

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