Mission Statement

I’ve written plenty of blog posts that never go anywhere. I recently migrated my site from one server to another and while my posts are in the archive, they didn’t import over cleanly. So I’m just going to start over.

Why do I spend money to pay for this site? I like owning the search engine when someone Google’s my name. Because if you are someone who has searched my name you probably are someone that I care to communicate with. Because I have met so many people during the different times in my life that aren’t people I see everyday. Because I want people to know what is happening in my life even though I am not around physically.

So here is where I am at. I bought a house in Manchester, Connecticut. I started a new career in Glastonbury, Connecticut at Prolink software as a desktop support technician. I’m feeling better than I ever have.

Jen and I are having a lot of fun on the weekends. Especially considering I was working weekends at Amazon before I started at Prolink. We are looking forward to utilizing our EPIC pass this winter, so if you want to go snowboarding hit me up.

I’ll hopefully be in this spot for a while. So if you’re from wherever I’ve been in the past hit me up and come check out the east coast. I’ve got a few extra beds for you.

If you are someone I have met recently I hope we can be friends. Let me know you checked out my website, I promise I won’t think you’re a creep.

Just know if you are someone from my past or someone who has just met me this site is for you. If you care to follow what I’m up to thanks check back frequently.