2019 Reflection

2019 Reflection

At the beginning of the year I wrote down five goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2019. I accomplished one of them.

  • Lift 1000 pounds combined deadlift, squat, bench.
  • Make 60k selling CBD.
  • Make 60k farming.
  • Limit myself to two hours of screen time a day.
  • Read 52 books.

I did manage to lift 1000 pounds combined in November which was almost 300lbs greater than when I started in January. I am proud that I stuck with that and succeeded. Now I ask myself, why didn’t I accomplish my other goals and what can I do to check off 5 long term goals for 2020.

Why didn’t I acommplish all of my goals?

My goals were optimistic bordering on unrealistic. I didn’t have a plan that broke some of my big goals into actionable steps. I lost the motivation to take actionable steps on some of my goals because the benefit from taking those actionable steps weren’t as great as compared to the cost. I found myself asking why I chose to make these goals a priority in some cases.

What will my goals be for 2020?

  • Craft a killer portfolio of python work. I will make a list of projects that I want to accomplish each month to further break this down. Each project will focus on a particular module that I want to have an understanding of. (PyML, Pandas, NumPy, Django, Flask, BS4, Selenium)
  • Actively maintain my aquaponics project. I will formulate a growing calendar which will quantify what is expected from this.
  • Finish renovating the house. I need to create a scope of work and a calendar of objectives.
  • Pay off debt. I will quantify how much I should have paid off. Probably around 30k
  • Enjoy family, friends and network. Certain number of dates a month with Jen. Reach out to the friends I care about. Meet new people who could make life better and more interesting.


At least 6 individual projects that demonstrate an understanding of one of the frameworks listed above or some other module also deemed important.


Assemble the system by the end of January. Maintain a logs of inputs vs outputs.

House. brainstorm with jen what is required to be rentable.

Trim out upstairs. Fix the tiny door in the closet of the master bed. Refinish the archway in the living room. finish landscaping.


Will likely be pay down 25k.

Family, friends, network.

two good Friday dates a month average. plus maybe 4 misc per month. Send an email or text to a handful of people at least every other week. Go to 2 networking events each month.

Next steps

  1. Make a spreadsheet template that tracks the quantifiables of each goal.
  2. Come up with calendars of events for relevant goals. Then maybe embed that on this site.
  3. Share this so there is an expectation to accomplish more this year.

If you made it this far.

If you made it this far let me know what you think of this approach to finishing a new years resolution. Also come up with your own five goals and let me know what that is for you.

Thanks, Dan

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