Product Design

Product Design

Product Design

Product design is one of the most fulfilling endeavors a person can pursue, but it isn’t easy.

Here are the steps to successfully launching a product to a new market.

First, you need an idea. Carry a pocket notebook with you and write down all of you ideas 99% of the won’t turn into anything but this is the absolute best way to find that 1% that you can do something with.

Second, you are going to want to do research. Don’t waste your time making a product that is already out there.

Third, you need a manufacturer. I highly recommend Wako LLC as a steel manufacturer if you’re located in the United States but there are great manufacturers every you go.

Product Design ideas

Here is my store where you can find some of the designs I have come up with in the past. Feel free to ask me any questions about them.

You can also check out my livestream where I occasionally do some design.