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Beginner Golf Swing Tips

My parents came into town and finally I got hands on my golf clubs again. They wouldn’t fit in my car on the move from Illinois to Oklahoma. I have been putting in practice but I’m not a pro so I was in need of tips to improve my golf swing.

Wife had to study and Mom wanted to go to the pool so my old man and I went to the driving range and hit some balls.

Dad has coach mentality so he gave me tips on my swing which I have only just recently put serious effort into practicing.

Dad recommended that I go and get myself some practice balls to swing at in the field behind my apartment.

Eliminator Golf Practice BallsThinking that I would like to play my game better I headed to the local golf store. Golf USA in Enid, Oklahoma had a great price on Eliminator Golf Practice Balls Yellow. I got a six pack for six ninety-nine which costs about fourteen on Amazon.

I got out into my field and took a hundred swings today and this is what I learned worked for me.

  1. Most of my grip on the club has to be with the front hand. When I apply too much grip with my back hand I end up with a terrible slice every time.
  2. Use my front hand for grip and my back swing feels fluid. Also, I get a nice amount of wrist movement.
  3. Puff out my chest and get a nice bend at the knees. Good posture matters.
  4. The leading shoulder is for aim.
  5. Keep the head perpendicular to the trajectory of the shot.
  6. Everything I was told previously about foot placement is wrong. I need to position my feet and hands behind the ball for drives. For irons the ball is placed on my back foot and my hands are in front of the ball.

Going forward the plan is to do more hundred swing days and dial in my game.

Improving My Golf Swing

Another day, another hundred golf balls.

First of all, my shoulder is already in pain from all of the swinging but that is okay.

Second, I realized that I haven’t used my fairway drivers or described my use of them.

Here is what I noticed about the use of fairway drivers.

  • Fairway drivers work well with the ball placed near the back foot for the 7
  • Fairway drivers work well with ball placement near the front foot for the 3
  • Swinging at a ball that is on dirt or short crappy grass should only be done with irons

Third, I failed to mention ball and tee placement or ground consistency and club use.

Driver Golf Swing Tips

Another day, another set of tips. I noticed huge improvements in my golf swing after just three days and you can too.

Here is a list of things that I noticed about my driver golf swing.

  • Chest out
  • Hands low and close
  • Suck shoulders into lats to get centered

After One Week Of Golf Swing Tips

Here is how I did after a week of practice.


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