Month: September 2017

Business Ideas

Identifying future oportunities. One of many future opportunities that I have identified is a software for better matching uber pool users based on their imterests. This will be especially significant as autonomous vehicles and ride sharing to work become the norm. I would like to start an aquaponics business. Urban farm.  

Auctioneer SEO

How To Do Auctioneer SEO Quick… As an auctioneer SEO is probably important to you. If it isn’t it should be. This is how I plan to do Auctioneer SEO. Top 15 Keywords for Auctioneer SEO “Auction Time” – 74,000 monthly searches – suggested bid $0.75 “equipment trader” – 27,100 monthly searches – suggested bid …

Golf With Friends

Golf With Friends After five days of concerted effort and some progress on my golf swing, I went out and played eighteen holes of golf with friends. The course we played was Meadowlake in Enid, Oklahoma. Immediately, I did terrible and shot eights on the first 5 holes. By the sixth hole though my score …